We design and develop new technologies and new products, from the lab all the way to the commercial market, in our nation's Rust Belt. 

Inventr is providing and executing a strategy to assert the Midwest region’s leadership in advanced industries, allowing transformative lab-generated technologies to take shape in the Midwest and Rust Belt regions in an economically meaningful way.


We work with some of our nation's best research institutions, universities, and national laboratories to identify talent and technology with commercial potential.


Our processes for commercializing and capitalizing technology products have won multiple awards. We are serial entrepreneurs who have perfected methods of prototype designs, and introduce new products into the commercial market. 


National and university laboratories struggle to identify which intellectual property holds the most commercial potential, often devoting resources to transfer technologies without a clear sense of commercial pathways. We provide partners with actionable data of commercial viability of technologies, drawn from TNEBULA user preferences. 



TNEBULA was designed as an interactive platform that enables laboratories to inventory intellectual property, present inventions to entrepreneurs and industry, and gain a rich understanding of commercial potential and pathways to market through intelligent reporting. It has become a discovery platform for inventors, industrialists, capitalists, entrepreneurs, and the generally curious.

TNEBULA forms the connective tissue between our region’s small businesses, larger corporations, and laboratories so that collaboratively we can drive innovation and introduce real products into the market. We work with labs all over the country and allow our network of entrepreneurs, technical, and industry experts, and students to collaborate and produce some amazing data, giving us real insight into the health of our country’s innovation pipeline.


Thought Leadership

In October of 2016, Inventr (under our Invent2026 brand) issued our Asset and Strategic Review. This document was generated with input from leaders from Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois. The 2016 Asset and Strategic Review assessed the Midwest region's economic assets, identified strategic sectors in which the region is primed to drive growth, and designed a lab-to-product chain through which Midwest inventions can enter the commercial market.

Inventr issued a progress report in December 2018, outlining our accomplishments during the past two years and outlining our plans and goals for the next two years.

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