Alex Duchak

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Alex is a serial entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of Inventr. He has developed and deployed tech assessment software an
toolkits to the Air Force Research Laboratory and State of Ohio, as well as customized university commercialization curriculum at multiple universities. Alex is the founder of The Commercialization Academy in Rome, NY, and has designed and operated customized multi-state SBIR programs. He sits on the advisory board for TechLink (Bozeman, MT), the leading semi-public agency charged with licensing 60 percent of all Department of Defense technologies to industry. Alex has won multiple awards for commercialization, and actively advises and invests in high-science
technology companies.

Thomas Day

Tom is chief operating officer of Inventr. Previously he helped build The Bunker (now Bunker Labs) into a national nonprofit organization supporting military veteran entrepreneurs. Tom is an Army and Iraq war veteran, former combat
correspondent in Afghanistan for McClatchy
Newspapers, and author of "Along the Tigris: The
101st Airborne Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom." He was a candidate for Congress in the 2016 election, receiving 32,000 votes, the most ever against the incumbent in the primary since his election in 1996. Tom holds degrees from Penn State, the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy.

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