Here are a few companies Invent2026 has supported...

Current liquid (flow) batteries offer a more convenient means of electric vehicle (EV) operation, with rapid refueling option, separation of charging and use of electricity, but have low energy densities, thus are not useful for EVs. Influit Energy has developed a novel type of rechargeable battery that features active energy storing materials in pumpable liquid form, which essentially allows us to use batteries in the same fashion as gasoline-powered engines.


Large-scale power plants are slowly being replaced by wind farms, solar farms, and residential units collecting energy with rooftop photo voltaic panels, and feeding energy into the grid from many different sources. These power sources can lose connectivity with the grid if there isn't enough wind or sunshine to generate power, destabilizing the grid and inhibiting growth of renewable energy sources. Syndem's energy converter -- which users can plug into their photo voltaic panels on one end, and plug into an electric socket with the other -- is able to feed electricity provided into the grid at a continuous 60 Hz, the standard alternating current of the U.S. power grid.  


Current methods of painting sheet metal produce and emit significant amounts of CO2, incurring regulatory liabilities for the manufacturing companies, and are limited in functional and decorative features. A solution has emerged in the form of powder coating particles, or dry paint. PowderCoil’s machinery electrostatically charges the powder particles and magnetically applies the paint to a fast-moving sheet of metal, top and bottom. This method provides a clean, cost-effective alternative to solvent-based liquid paint, with zero carbon emissions and a wide variety of colors, effects, and surface-protection features.


Global investment, R&D, and job growth in nanotechnological fields are rapidly accelerating, suggesting a sharp increase in the demand for educating K-12 students on nanotechnology. What is needed is a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach that makes nanotechnology accessible and relevant for students all the way through primary and secondary education. NanoBeasts has designed a reusable course pack with set of hands-on kits –  demonstrating magnetism, surface tension, microfluidics, and a host of other nanotechnological
phenomena – to teach nanotechnology through hands-on experiments.

Forensics Photonics

Current identification techniques require law enforcement authorities obtain fingerprints on surfaces and submit fingerprint evidence to a lab, delaying identification of suspects by days and weeks. With Forensic Photonics' fingerprint technology, fingerprints are scanned on site with a fluorescent light, generating a high-resolution image of the fingerprint and capturing data points that can be wirelessly transmitted to the FBI's database for an instant response. High-resolution images of fingerprint samples are preserved in database and compared against the FBI's records. Information is sent to concerned parties instantly.

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