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Current Army SBIR topics

Proposals due on October 24. Here are the topics posted by the U.S. Research, Development, and Engineering Command. More info here.

  1. Epsilon Near Zero Optical Limiter

  2. Method of Developing Helicopter Source Noise Models using Parameter Identification Techniques

  3. Open Source High Assurance System

  4. Incremental Partitioning to Minimize Upgrade Change Impacts

  5. Autonomous and Remote Refueling Grounding System

  6. Autonomous and Remote Fuel Agitation, Filtration & Certification

  7. Shape Memory Alloy Heat Engine

  8. Autonomous Flight Termination Analysis and Real Time Subsequent Debris Impacts

  9. Power Conditioning Surge Module for Standalone Power and Tactical Microgrids

  10. High Temperature Polymers for 3D Printed Injection Molding Tooling

  11. Reducing Agglomeration of Explosively Disseminated Aerosol Powders

  12. Wearable medical device to diagnose in-theater opioid intoxication of the warfighter

  13. Miniaturized, on-body delivery system of medical countermeasures for military operations

  14. Biodegradable Vector Control System

  15. At-Home Minimally Invasive Tacrolimus Plasma Level Monitoring Device

  16. Situational Awareness Sensors for Airdrop Operations

  17. Field Command Post Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) Mesh Network

  18. Rapid Expandable Mobile Shelter (REMS) for Mission Command

  19. Individual Soldier / Small Unit Desalination Device

  20. Vision Enhancement for the Dismounted Warrior

  21. Smart Hearing Protection for the Mounted & Dismounted Warrior

  22. Biomimetic Human - Exoskeleton Interface

  23. Small robot assured communications in complex RF environments

  24. Local Wind Measuring Device

  25. Intelligent Urgent Stop

  26. Armor support ring optimization

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